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Hello (and welcome!)

Nice to meet you, I’m Juliana, from Brazil.

I consider life as a gift and I’m always grateful for all the opportunities that life brings me!

I love music (in almost everything that I do, I’m listening to my playlists), traveling, meeting new cultures, being with my loved ones.

Photography is something I do with love!  It’s the way I save for myself all the amazing things I’ve seen, experienced, feelings, memories … through it I make all important things eternal.

This is why I photograph! I want to capture love, spontaneity, warmth, smiles … every emotion, because every moment, regardless of its’ duration, is very important. After all, every little moment that passes is precious and unforgettable!

Once I read the phrase: “Just imagine if we could do a selfie from inside of us” and at the time I thought, “That’s it! That is my goal.” I want to show through my photography how beautiful you are inside and its’ reflection out here – and yes, this makes you a unique person, and these beautiful moments deserve to be immortalized!

I am available to work in my city, Juiz de Fora, in Brazil or anywhere else in the world – get in touch!

You can learn more about my work by browsing the website and if you have any questions, requests or need any other information, please contact me using the contact form located here on the site (or send an email to: info@jukneipp.com).