Favorite Fonts: Easter Eggs

I love Easter eggs. I love what they represent. I love dyeing them and what the finished pieces of art look like. I love finding them…out in the yard, under the sofa, in movies, and especially in works of art.

What? You don’t know the “other” meaning of an Easter egg? They are like inside jokes, hidden messages, and an extra little detail that often makes my day. Such as finding a Hidden Mickey while waiting in line at Walt Disneyworld.

I’m in a punny mood, and thought that Holy Thursday was the perfect time to highlight Easter egg fonts. This month’s fonts are literally Easter eggs, but I think they would be perfect for adding an extra detail in a layout.

Here are my favorite four this month:

Easter Time by House of Lime

Easter Eggs ST by South Type

Easter Art by GemFonts

WM Easter 1 by WillyMac

Here is an example of some of the adorable and beautiful eggs. I used Ju’s Spring Forward Kit – so perfect for Spring’s new beginnings and Easter.


Love the variety and complexity of these eggs!
easter egg fonts copy web
Have fun, and don’t forget to link me up to your layout or project:)

Gallery Standouts – April 2014


When it comes to blogging, picking up some of the best layouts of Juliana’s gallery at SSD is something I always look forward! There is a lot of talented scrappers over there, each having different style and techniques, so I have difficulties choosing only three of them!

I am going to start with an extraordinary page by zanthia122 that I have fallen in love with. Yeah, I love sunflowers, too. But what I love the most about this page, is its pure simplicity, center alignment, use of the frame – and the sweet newborn smile.


Then here goes a beautiful page by foxinsocks with even more beautiful photos. I can see that neverending happiness and joy of parenthood there.


Finally, I have picked up a page by Milmomma that caught me with its blocky design and sweet series of photos!



That’s all for today! Keep posting your pages in Juliana’s gallery as one never knows who will be featured on the blog next month!

Hope you love the pages as much as I do and don’t forget to leave the talented girlies some love, too!